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Nunns & Fischer
One of the most illustrious and historical piano makers in American history were brothers Robert and William Nunns. Robert & Willian Nunns established their firm of R&W Nunns in 1823. The firm built pianos both under their own name and also for the prominent Dubois & Stodart Piano Company of New York City until 1836. William Nunns: In 1836, William Nunns went into a separate partnership with Augustus Brumley to create the Nunns & Brumley Piano Company, a venture that was very short lived. In 1839, William Nunns left the firm entirely to his brother Robert. In 1843, William Nunns went into partnership with John & Charles Fischer to create the Nunns & Fischer Piano Company. Nunns & Fischer built pianos until 1848 when William Nunns withdrew to establish his own firm of William Nunns & Company, which remained in business until 1853 when he retired. Robert Nunns: From 1832-1838, the name of the firm was changed to Nunns, Clark & Company when John Clark joined the firm. After 1838, the firm was known as Nunns & Clark. By the 1840’s, Nunns & Clark were so successful that they had warerooms in several major cities in the United States. The Nunns & Clark firm enjoyed a superb reputation and great success until they closed around 1860. Pianos by any of these names are exceedingly rare today and of museum caliber. They deserve the finest restoration and preservation available as they are irreplaceable parts of America’s musical history.

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