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In 1839, William Henry Gaehle and William Knabe established a partnership forming the firm of Knabe & Gaehle in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1854, Gaehle withdrew giving complete control to Knabe, and the name was changed to William Knabe & Company. After leaving the firm of Knabe & Gaehle, William Gaehle began building his own instruments under the name of Gaehle & Company. Gaehle enjoyed much success with is firm, and his pianos were widely acclaimed as being of superior quality and craftsmanshop. Gaehle & Company continued building pianos until about 1875.

For a brief period, Gaehle went into partnership with Charles Maas, building pianos under the name of Gaehle & Maas. In 1865, Charles Maas started built pianos under his own name. Maas went out of business in 1885.

William Knabe & Company continued to build award winning pianos for over 150 years, making the Knabe name one of the most popular and respected names in piano history.


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Knabe & Gaehle Advertisement
Early 19th Century Advertisement For Knabe & Gaehle Piano Company (Henry Gaehle), Circa 1848
W. H. Gaehle Advertisement
Early 19th Century Advertisement For W. H. Gaehle Piano Company, Previously of Knabe & Gaehle

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