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De Rivas & Harris
The De Rivas & Harris Piano Company was a small yet successful piano manufacturing firm in the early 20th Century. The company was established in 1906, with their factory located at 135th & Willow in New York City. De Rivas & Harris built a full line of upright pianos, player pianos, and small grand pianos which were considered to be of higher quality. The firm built pianos under the names of ‘De Rivas & Harris’, ‘Farrington’, ‘Princeton’ and ‘Candler’. We have seen a handful of instruments by De Rivas & Harris come through our workshop over the years, and they have been consistently very well made pianos. De Rivas & Harris went out of business sometime around 1925.

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De Rivas & Harris Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The De Rivas & The Harris Piano Company, Circa 1915