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Chase Piano Company
The Chase Piano Company was originally formed in 1863 when Milo J. Chase when into partnership with George Trayser in Riply, Ohio. The Chase Piano Company began by building higher quality square grand and upright pianos as well as a limited number of organs and melodeons. In about 1872, James and Benjamin Starr became partners in the firm and the name was changed to the “Starr Piano Company”. The factory was moved to Richmond, Indiana in about 1873. We have seen some instruments come through our restoration shop which are labeled “Chase Piano Company, Richmond, Indiana” which indicates that some instruments were still being built and sold by Chase under the Chase brand name after the firm was changed to Starr. Milo J. Chase left the firm in 1884 to form Chase Brothers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Chase Piano Company Advertisement
Late 19th Century Advertisement for the Chase Piano Company, Richmond Indiana